About Us

I'm Amayah

I am a 7 year old kid that loves fashion, school and my mummy and daddy. I’ve got a dog called bailey, three cats called sparky, barney and star.

I make sure my mummy and daddy deliver clothes that make us kids look good, keep us warm and let us play too.

Lots of Love

Since we first opened our vision has remained the same … How can we provide parents with childrenswear that is not only affordable but also stylish and great quality too?

Being the parents of Amayah we know first-hand the boutique shops looking to charge an arm and a leg, as well as the high street retailers that never take a chance on interesting designs for your little one, to stand out from the crowd.

We love the fact we're still an independent retailer. It allows us to keep our founding values, passion, knowledge and expertise at the heart of what we do.

Being independent also means we can give back, and so we’ve teamed up with over 25,000 UK schools to be able to give them 10%, on the purchases you make from our store. You decide which school you want to benefit from your purchase. It’s that simple.

So now you get to dress your cherubs in stylish, quality clothes AND help them at school too.

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